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Facebook advertising is where you need to concentrate your dollars because that is where a great majority of your audience lives online.  You’ll most likely notice that the number of friends accessing Facebook right now are doing so from mobile devices significantly more than they are from other devices like PCs. 

Why should you have a Facebook Ads Strategy?

Even if you have plenty of business capital, and you’ve decided to outsource your advertising to a social media manager, advertising manager or advertising company, you’ll be throwing good money and irreplaceable opportunities away if you don’t understand how advertising—and nowadays, that means Facebook advertising—works. You can create tighter campaigns and reach your exact, ideal paying client at any time of night or day if you know what you’re doing with your marketing and advertising—and why.

What has changed about Facebook? Number one important thing to remember about Facebook is that it is revenue-based. It wants to make money as much as you do. Number two, Facebook Pages and certain types of posts have plummeted in Facebook importance—so you need to know what to avoid, and which new Facebook lead generation and sales strategies are now crucial. That being said, the latest algorithm change has vaulted feed content from friends up above Facebook Pages—a complete reversal in prioritizing from a couple of years ago. Authority news sources like Forbes and TechCrunch have reported this as a reaction to “click-baiting”, where businesses post links with headlines that people have to click in order to learn what the post is about. (If the content is completely different from what the headline or post seems to promise, that’s pure “bait-and-switch”. Get caught doing either, and you’ll be lucky if a handful of your friends see your feed.) If your own Facebook business focus is lead generation, it isn’t just your friends and followers you want to target—you want to bring in brand new friends and followers from your ideal, paying, action-taking demographic.

Learn the top three benefits to having a Facebook Ads Strategy that will knock the socks off your business!!

  • The ability to reach hundreds of thousands of highly-targeted readers
  • Truly inexpensive options that will fit every budget
  •  The power to reach your ideal client where she's spending the most time  

If you haven't yet tried Facebook advertising, it might surprise you to learn that even a small page audience can quickly grow to hundreds or even thousands of fans, with just a few thoughtful posts. Not only that, but a well-planned giveaway can grow your mailing list by hundreds, seemingly overnight.   What would that do for your bottom line?  

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