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Are You Losing Money On Facebook Ads Due to Poor Targeting

What You Will Learn On The Webinar...

Are you losing money on Facebook Ads due to poor targeting?

Have you noticed the cost of Facebook ads are going up? Even the top experts in the industry has noticed the increase? Why because more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of incorporating Facebook advertising as part of their marketing strategy.

But here is the single most important thing to understand.  The key is to target the right audience. Gone are the days that you can just jump in the ads manager and guess your way through. I mean you can still do it that way but be prepared to spend some money.

Program Description

This is a 3- hour training for coaches and consultants who are looking to grow their client base using Facebook advertising.

Most coaches struggle with finding more of their ideal clients online.  They struggle with getting their programs in front of an action-taking demographic.

The primary focus of this training is to help you find the perfect audience for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

This training consists of 3 sessions:

  • Understanding the demographic composition of your audience
  • Custom and Look-a-like audiences
  • How to maximize the profitability of your audiences

Each session will include a presentation, Q&A and an assignment to hold you accountable.

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