Planning Your Prospecting Sequence Step-By-Step

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of setting up your lead generation campaign sequence? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs fail to plan out their marketing campaign properly, and it shows.

Here are the three major mistakes most entrepreneurs make when planning their prospecting sequence:
1.    Not having an “irresistible free offer” that appeals to your ideal audience.
2.    Not having follow-up emails that relate to the problem that the free offer solves.
3.    Not having a balanced message- either too many sales pitches or not enough. Even worse, your offers don’t match the needs of your ideal client.

Are you making these common mistakes?  If so, don’t feel bad. The good news is there is an easy fix.

4 Simple Steps to Create an Effective Prospecting Sequence

Step 1: Survey your market

All too often we think we know what our audience and potential clients want, but in reality, we’re simply guessing. We make the mistake of believing that we are our market, but that usually is not the case.

The only way to know for sure what your audience wants and needs is to ask them. Set up a simple survey (even a Google form will work) and ask your blog readers, social media followers, and email list to give their opinion.

Do this right, and you’ll know what you should be offering your audience, plus, you’ll know that language to use on your opt-in page.

Step 2: Create your "Irresistible Free Offer."

Now that you know what your market needs, it’s time to create your “irresistible free offer." Keep in mind that readers today seem to prefer simple, easy-to-digest offers rather than 200-page eBooks. I have found that this makes your job a bit easier.
Some popular choices for free gifts include:
•    Checklists
•    Worksheets
•    Resource guides
•    Video training
•    Webinars
•    Audio downloads

Step 3: Map out your value added email campaign

Your irresistible free offer (IFO) should be followed up with a series of emails that build on the problem that it solves. If you’ve provided a resource guide, for example, then your follow-up emails might include usage tips for each of the resources, or case studies that show how others have benefited from using the tools.

Step 4: Position Your Product

Arguably the most important part of your prospecting sequence, your offer must be the next logical step for your audience to take. They’ve worked through your irresistible free offer, read and acted on your emails, and they’re hungry for more. Time to make your offer.

Just like the other pieces of your sequence, your coaching offer needs to be the answer to your readers’ most burning questions. If you consider your irresistible free offer and follow-up series to be the “lite” version, then your coaching offer is the premium package. Bigger, more detailed, and the perfect next step.

Before you post your first optin offer, take some time to map out your sequence according to these steps, and you’ll not only build your list faster, but you’ll close more sales along the way.

So the question are YOU going to implement this in your business?

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